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About Us


The St. Albans Quarterback Club was originally established in 2004 to support St. Albans area football programs but over the last several years has shifted focus to provide support to many different youth organizations in the St. Albans, West Virginia (zip code 25177) area. A name more representative of our revised mission was necessary and the 25177 Foundation was born!


The 25177 Foundation is a St. Albans, West Virginia community based organization primarily dedicated to the youth of St. Albans and surrounding areas. Established in 2004, this 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation employs the motto “help us help you” to provide local groups with the opportunity to raise money for specific projects. Potential donation recipients are asked to participate in a wide variety of fundraisers throughout the year and also to volunteer for community service projects such as maintaining a two mile stretch of MacCorkle Avenue in St. Albans in conjunction with the Adopt-A-Highway program. The officers and members of the 25177 Foundation strongly believe that teaching our youth to work toward a goal by participating in the actual fundraising strengthens our community as a whole.


An organization that allows our community to provide support to local youth groups through donations of time, talents and financial resources. 25177 Foundation members work side by side with local residents, youth and their parents to raise funds to achieve specific goals and encourage our youth to “pay it back” by providing the opportunity to participate in community service projects.